5 tips for first-time travel to India (part 2)

3. Escape the crowds

India has more than a billion locals, many of  which are certainly crowded. The bustle can be fun, especially if there’s a festival. Luckily, India has a lot of quiet retreats, so add some relaxing escapes into your list of destinations. To keep your batteries remain charged, spend some days in a city, then followed by some days in a small town or in the countryside. For inner and outer peace, go to the south of India to visit the beaches of Kerala, or the north to visit captivating hill stations or the valleys of the Himalaya in Sikkim, Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh.

4. Stay healthy

India has a notorious reputation amongst travellers for somewhat Delhi belly (an upset stomach). Particularly if you’re on a short trip, you should take steps to avoid a dodgy tum. Avoid drinking tap water, and remember to steer clear of any food which may have been washed in it. You should also avoid ice, ice cream, fruit, and salads that you haven’t just peeled yourself. Before launching into a mega-spicy street food feast or buying street food, let your stomach acclimatize for a few days.

Many travellers go veggie while in India because a bit of meat may be more harmful than undercooked vegetables. Moreover, many Indians are vegetarian, so perhaps, this country offers the most fabulous choice of vegetarian food in the world. If you eat meat, make sure it’s well cooked, and only choose stalls and restaurants which are packed with locals.

5. Pick the perfect route

India has a massive space, and you will not have enough time to see it all on one trip. So, think about what you like doing and how much time you have. Instead of trying to see the whole country, you should concentrate on the south, or on the north of the country. However, internal flights, or long-distance trains are plentiful and inexpensive so that you can easily hop from north to south if you want a taste of both.