10 Best Things To Do In Rajkot (part 1)

Rajkot may not be your favorite tourist destination type but there are many surprising things to do in Rajkot that make you have a memorable holiday. Gujarat’s fourth largest city has great food, picturesque locales, vibrant fairs, and markets that seem to sell everything.

Let’s find out the best things to do in Rajkot if you want to make it your next holiday destination.


  1. Feast on delicious food

One of the very first things to do in Rajkot is to settle down to a typically delicious Gujarati meal. The cuisine with a mix of seafood, vegetarian, and meat dishes will make you salivating and eager to eat as much as you can! We recommend you a thali, which has a range of items such as rice, lentils, rotis, veggie curries, chutneys, and freshly chopped veggies. There’s a distinction that sets it different from many other Indian thalis. If you like more spice, you can try the Kathiyawadi thali. Remember to try the famous dhokla, khichdi, and buttermilk too.

  1. Visit workshops to see Mayur Patola Art

Patola saris are famous for their weaving techniques and intricate designs. They are quite expensive and once worn only by aristocratical families. One of the best things to do in Rajkot is to see how Patola saris are made at Mayur Patola Art. You can buy them at shops located in the area like Pooja Patola Saree, and farther shops like Gohil Patola Art and Sindhoi Patola Art.

  1. Check out Tarnetar Fair

Another thing you should do in Rajkot is to enjoy the festivals at Tarnetar Fair held near Triniteshwar Mahadev. They are intoxicating and make you really excited. The three-day festival, between August and September, contains hundreds of romantic hopefuls ready to find their other halves. Some of the attractions here are traditional dances, songs, amusement rides, and shops selling knick-knacks.