Bangaluru has a Hanusha E-Sports gaming lounge

The Hanusha E-Sports lounge in Indiranagar opened its doors to gamers in Bengaluru on October 12, 2019. The Hanusha E-Sports lounge is the largest gaming facility in India and offers an end to end, immersive gaming experience, on the latest GeForce GPUs of NVIDIA. The vast 7000 square feet space can accommodate up to 150 people, offering an esports arena, a room for tournament casting, and a cafe. It can also host both online, multiplayer, and LAN gaming competitions.

Esports and gaming enthusiasts will enjoy the Hanusha experience, from the technology to the ambiance, size, and infrastructure. With a young population seeking new avenues, India is rapidly capitalizing on the sports opportunity. Professional esports include participating in gaming tournaments, coaching players, game development, commentating and much more. The Hanusha lounge seeks to help and empower esports enthusiasts seeking to build a career in this vibrant industry.

Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, South Asia, NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd said “The aspirations of gamers have evolved in recent years, whether building a career in esports or enjoying the world-class gaming experience. There are exciting opportunities for large gaming centers to provide the infrastructure & environment to groom esports talent in India. We are delighted to be associated with Hanusha; their lounge helps to highlight the ongoing evolution of the gaming experience in Bengaluru and India”.

Sachin Kala, Country Representative, from Hanusha E-Sports India Pvt Ltd said “We are very excited that India, with a young population, has the potential to be the next big destination for esports. The worldwide esports industry is currently $1 billion in size, with 450 million people participating globally. This lounge marks our vision and commitment to becoming a strategic enabler for the growth of esports in India. We are confident esports will be a big driver of economic opportunity for India in the years ahead.