Great Places In India For Adventure Sports (part 2)

6. Andamans (Scuba Diving)

The Andaman and Nicobar group of islands is a union territory of India and considered as one of the top beach destinations in Asia. The beaches are beautiful with crystal clear blue waters and white sandy shores. There are various sites across the islands offering scuba diving and snorkeling. The islands are also well-known for the amazing views of the coral reefs.

7. Mysore (Skydiving)

Skydiving is not so popular in India due to the amount of risk involved and conservative mentality of the people. Located in the Indian state of Karnataka, Mysore is a famous historical town with various forts and monuments and also offers thrill seekers a chance to experience skydiving, tandem jumps, and accelerated free-falls.

8. Rishikesh (Bungee Jumping)

The Holy town of Rishikesh is also famous for providing various adventure sports. Travelers here can take a chance on flying fox, bungee jumping, and giant swings.

9. Goa (Water Sports)

The State of Goa is best-known for being the beach capital of India with various exotic  beaches. Water skiing is available across various beaches and at various sites throughout the State along with training camps to attract adventurous travelers.

10. Pushkar (Hot Air Ballooning)

Pushkar is considered as the holiest of all India’s pilgrim spots and is also home to the illustrious Pushkar Camel Fair which attracts a lot of visitors from across the country and abroad. Hot Air ballooning is offered during the fair and may be the best way to view the exotic colors of the Fair.

Although India is not very familiar with adventure sports, extreme adventure sports are offered generally in various towns which are highly regarded as pilgrim spots. This creates a unique combination when it can offer the visitors both a spiritual and thrilling experience at the same time.