5 ideal hotels in Goa that allow casino play

Goa is one of the only states in India where a casino is legally operated. If you are a tourist visiting Goa and want to be able to play casino games without having to travel much, here are 5 ideal hotels that offer casino services for you.

The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino

Zuri White Sands is a luxury sea resort located between beautiful gardens with separate rooms with balconies overlooking the garden. The hotel is highly rated with a restaurant serving a variety of Asian delicacies, a casino, an outdoor swimming pool, and a bar with many amenities.

Deltin Suites

The hotel is located only 4.2km from Candolim beach with luxuriously designed rooms, balconies, and many other amenities. The upgraded version has an additional kitchenette. Guests are served a free breakfast with the main Indian dishes. According to the current casino podcasts reviews, this in-house casino is one of this hotel’s biggest attractions. Besides, the hotel has a golf course and event rooms.

Neo Majestic

Hotel Neo Majestic is located outside the highway, retaining 95 rooms and apartments. The hotel is located 5 km from Reis Magos and close to Miramar beach, offers free breakfast, an outdoor swimming pool, gym, and especially owns Goa’s largest casino called Casino Paradise, with table games and slot machines.

The Chances Resort and Casino

Chances Resort and Casino is a hotel surrounded by trees and one of the best hotels in the area. Located near the beaches of Vainguinim and Mirama 4, this resort features guest rooms and suites with traditional Indian furnishings and hot tubs. The hotel also has a gym, spa as well as the children’s play area, and a guest casino with traditional casino games for you to experience.

Marriott Hotel

This luxury hotel is located just a 10-minute walk from Miramar Beach and 14km from Fort Aguada with balconies and fully equipped rooms. The more upscale rooms have sea views. The hotel has a riverside restaurant, with a pastry shop, an outdoor swimming pool. Besides, it also has a gym, spa, event room, and an indoor casino.

What beautiful season to India tourism? Useful experience for exploring India

India – the beautiful and mysterious land of Asia – has always been one of the dream stops of passionate travel enthusiasts. 

Join us to find out what is the best time to carry a backpack and visit this country, as well as some useful experiences for your trip to India.

What beautiful season to India tourism?

India experiences 3 seasons in a year including: Summer, rainy season (monsoon) and winter. In particular, winter lasts from November to January, summer starts from May with very hot weather, spring is quite short in February and March. 


According to the experience of many tourists who have booked a plane ticket to India, there are times that are considered suitable to travel to this country. That is:

October – March: This is the “golden” time to travel to India because the weather is warm now, not too hot, especially very dry, with beautiful sunshine.

– April – May: The temperature is quite stable at this point, however, the humidity is high and there are thunderstorms. If you are not too concerned about this, this is also the time to choose to go to India.

Also, if you plan to visit the southern part of India it’s best to go after November, when the rainy season is over completely.

What to eat, what to play in India?

The mystical and sacred beauty of India has always been the fascinating subject of movies, something that any exploring tourist wants to learn. In India, each city has its own beauty, it is difficult to mix with any other place. It is the capital Delhi – the center of North India with a thousand years of history. Mumbai is considered the cradle of Bollywood movies. Meanwhile, Bangalore is a city of very vibrant and bustling pubs and restaurants. If you love exploring history, visit Jaipur – the main exhibition center of the medieval Hindu Rajput culture of North India, or Varanasi – one of the oldest cities in the world.


Join us to name some of India’s most famous attractions: 

– Hawa Mahal Palace

– Ho Dal

– Taj Mahal

– Nohsngithiang waterfall

– Meenakshi Temple

– Lakshadweep Islands

– The Ganges River

Do not forget to participate in interesting and unique Indian festivals such as:

– Goa Fair (1 week between February every year)

– Sukajkund Mela (held during the first half of February)

– Holi – spring festival (March or April according to the Hindi calendar)

– Diwali – light and knowledge festival (October – November every year)

– Pushkar Mela Fair (November every year)

The culinary world of India is also worth exploring with many attractive dishes. Indian tastes are often spicy, in which the most prominent must be specialties such as Birizza, Tandoori Momos, Fried Idli with chili, Schezwan Dosa, Dosa Khakhra, Curry Pasta … If you can’t eat spicy, you should Prepare extra food to take away.

Is Indian tourism safe?

Although it is a very popular tourist destination, to ensure the safety and smoothness of your trip, please note the following:

– Do not wear clothes that are too revealing, offensive or attract attention when coming to India, especially when visiting historic sites, temples.

– Do not talk to strangers or interact with strangers in a quiet place.

– When using public transport, if you are female, ask the driver if there is a women’s compartment. If not, choose a seat next to the woman.

– Should choose to stay at hotels in the central, crowded area, near the police station. Do not stay in hotels in secluded, secluded areas.

– Please save the necessary phone numbers of acquaintances, police, hotel staff where you stay.

You should not travel to India alone, especially if you are female. 

6 Reasons why you should visit Northeast India (Part 2)

5. Explore unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes

Northeast India is home to some of the most stunning, diverse and unspoilt landscapes in India.

From the snow-capped peaks of the soaring Himalayan mountains, to the Assam plains and the steamy forests and majestic waterfalls of Meghalaya – Northeast India shows off its best unspoilt nature!

6. Experience a completely different and troublesome side of India

If creepy tales of filth, trouble and chaos keep you from visiting India then exploring Northeast India offers you the chance to experience a completely different side of India.

This area is so different that sometimes I can hardly believe I’m still in India – the scenery, the food, the people, the culture everything is different.

See how to travel in India with these Train Travel Tips

While the lack of infrastructure makes travel here a bit bumpy and sometimes slow to move, I see Northeast India as a welcome exit from other parts of India.

The chaos and trouble that you get in the more touristy regions of India disappear in the Northeast.

No one tries to deceive me or touch me or even sell me anything.

Northeast Indian people where some of the friendliest and most honest people I’ve ever met on my travels.

Tips for Northeast India visit

  • Northeast India includes 7 sister countries – Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.
  • All with different cultures, tribes, languages, foods and landscapes, just a paradise for brave adventurers!
  • Some states, like Assam and Meghalaya, have better infrastructure and are more easily accessible than others.
  • States, like Arunachal Pradesh, require special permits.
  • Nagaland has very little infrastructure.
  • Its lack of public transport and transportation means traveling independently here can be quite difficult.

But Northeast India is a wonderful and unique destination, absolutely worth the extra effort, after all not the meaning of ‘getting lost!’

6 Reasons why you should visit Northeast India (Part 1)

India is one of the most exotic, attractive and charming tourist destinations in the world. While the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan’s forts and palaces and Kerala’s backwaters are popular attractions, very few visitors visit the remote, tribal lands in Northeast India.

Visit Northeast India

Northeast India sits between Bangladesh, Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar and is a world away from the chaos of Delhi and other travel cliches you can expect when you think of India.

These remote, diverse and beautiful tribal lands are only just opening to tourism and are home to some of the most fascinating tribal inhabitants, rare wildlife and stunning scenery in India. Degree.

Why should you visit Northeast India

Northeast is still a relatively undiscovered paradise for the enterprising traveler but its popularity is growing and the area is rapidly becoming India’s hottest new destination, so if you want Witness this area extremely happy by (so far) tourism you will have to visit soon

This is the reason why you should visit Northeast India

1. Meet the tribal people and learn about their unique lifestyle

The remote northeastern region of India has long ago been cut off from the rest of the world and so it’s one of the rare places in the world where you can meet authentic tribes who live a very differs even in this modern era.

Northeast India is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world.

This is the home of more than 200 tribes including unique, fascinating tribes like opium smokers, headhunting tribes in Nagaland and sun-tattooed moon, Apatani tribe in Ziro valley, Arunachal. Pradesh.

One of the best ways to experience the vibrant and unique culture of the fascinating tribal people in Northeast India is through one of the many great tribal festivals.

Witnessing the riot of colors, music and dance and even some of the unique sacrifices and rituals of a traditional tribal festival in Northeast India is sure to be a tough experience forget.

The man hunts the head

Don’t worry, they don’t practice headhunting anymore. But it was a fun experience to meet the tribal people and learn about their lifestyle. It’s best to go sightseeing with a local guide if you want to be made to feel welcome and truly understood their way of life.

Top 5 reasons that you should come to India once in your life

The country of India possesses many unique and impressive features from landscape to culture. If you do not visit once in your life, you may regret it.

1. Country of colors

India is a country with great wisdom, incredible history, many monuments of ancient cities and beautiful nature. This country has brought to the world a great civilization, numbers, chess, Ayurveda, and badminton.

India is a multinational country where 400 peoples coexist. Half of the population are men and women before the age of 25 and two-thirds are young people before the age of 35. The country’s constitution states that there are 21 official languages ​​and 1,600 local languages.

Women wear xari while men wear familiar jeans and T-shirts. The old man wears a lungi – a cloth wrapped around him. The local people are very kind, open, generous and love tourists.

2. monumental ancient relic

As one of the 4 ancient civilizations, India owns many unique ancient architectural works. From the relics of 2,000 years ago to the palaces of the Al Islam era, the buildings built during colonial rule … all are extremely delicate and impressive.

You can go to admire the beautiful Taj Mahal, the ancient synagogue and Masjid pagoda, the amber room inside the luxurious Agra Fortress, the vast and vast Humayun and Akbar tombs … Sure, after leaving you will be nostalgic about these places.

3. Enthusiastic, open-minded people

The Indians are extremely enthusiastic and hospitable. They are willing to take the time to talk and help if you get lost or wonder about their city or country. The Indian catchphrase when meeting tourists is “Hey my friend, what do you want? I have everything! ”

Surely your journey to discover India will become much more interesting and attractive if you meet a kind native person sharing and chatting about what they know.

4. The holy place for spiritual cleansing

India is one of the oldest countries in the world, home to Buddhism and famous Hinduism. That is why religious beliefs have been instilled and become a way of life of the Indians. Varanasi – one of the oldest cities of the confluence of Saint Ganges, Yamuna and the legendary Saraswati River – is considered a mecca of Indians, millions of tourists come here every year to make pilgrimages with wishing to be able to transcend their mortal body towards the good, goodness of human beings. Bodh Gaya, Ba La Nai, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Auroville and Dharamshala … are famous sacred temples in India.

5. Unique Cuisine

India is famous for its re-spices, which are considered the souls of dishes. The culinary art of India is the perfect combination of different spices to create delicate dishes such as Biriyani mixed rice, Dosa rice paper roll, Ikan merah fish head curry, … I bet You will be overwhelmed by the fertility of this land with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Every time you come to a village or city, you will enjoy a special specialty that is unmistakable.

The Most Popular Sports in India

India features a long history of sports. The people of India have tons of affection for boxing, tennis, badminton, and hockey (which is that the most successful sport within the country).

The large diversity of individuals in India caused widespread love for all sports, which may be a thing to be pleased with. Here are three of the most popular sports in India that you should know before visiting this country.


Played in almost every corner within the country, cricket is far and away, the foremost popular sport in India. The India national team may be a fierce team with many achievements throughout its history. They won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1983 and 2011, the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007, and therefore the ICC Champions Trophy in 2002 and 2013. They also dominate the Asia Cup with a complete of seven titles. India’s biggest cricket rival is Pakistan.

On the domestic scene, India has some great competitions just like the Ranji Trophy, the Duleep Trophy, and therefore the Indian Premier League, which is that the hottest cricket league within the world. There’s little question that cricket is embedded in their culture and there are many reasons on why.


The first Amateur Kabaddi Federation was established in 1973 and since then kabaddi became one among the foremost popular sports in India. Although its popularity it’s nowhere near as cricket, it’s still a part of their culture. This game may be a sport and typically played in smaller areas, just like the villages. The interesting fact about Kabaddi is that India has won a trophy whenever they participated within the Asian Games, except in 2018.  

Speaking of international success, the India national Kabaddi team features a big trophy cabinet. We already stated how successful they’re within the Asian Games. They’re also champions of each Kabaddi World Cup – in 2004, 2007, and 2017. In each of those years, they played the ultimate against Iran.


This comes as no surprise because we all know that football is that the hottest sport within the world. Although it’s not as popular as cricket and kabaddi, this magical game is loved by many people in India. The Indian Super League is their dominant domestic league, along side the I-League. The Indian Super League differs from the remainder of the football leagues by its system – there’s no promotion or relegation. Instead, they use expansion, almost like the MLS.

Best time to travel New Delhi, India

New Delhi – India is always famous for historical stories about famous people and beautiful monuments. As the capital city of India, New Delhi is mostly visited by tourists for business trips and meetings between businesses.

Delhi’s weather and climate are not important for commercial travelers because they do not have to travel any season. But a traveler should know about the city climate before packing his luggage for his trip. To enjoy the historical beauty and cultural colors of New Delhi, a tourist should visit the city when the climate of New Delhi is at its best.

Thoi gian tot nhat Du lich Delhi

The temperature of New Delhi.

October and November or February and March are considered the best time of year to travel to New Delhi. During this time, the weather is relatively comfortable, while Delhi usually has a climate that is not too hot or too cold throughout the year. This mild climate of the city attracts many tourists from many parts of the world.

The temperature of New Delhi ranges from 20 to 25 ° C in October. In November, the temperature drops from 15 to 20 ° C. New Delhi experiences similar temperatures to some extent in February and March as experienced in October and November.

The temperature of Delhi increases from 35 to 40 ° C in April. New Delhiers are roasted in May and June when the temperature reaches a peak of 46°C.

The climate of New Delhi remains cold during the winter months (December to January). Delhi’s temperature drops in December. It drops to around 5 ° C and rises to 12 ° C. The temperature drops below 3 ° C after the winter solstice and sometimes it even drops to the lowest level (1 ° C).

A jump in New Delhi’s temperature can be observed in January. It varies from 3 – 7 ° C.

Nên đi du lịch Ấn Độ vào thời gian nào trong năm?

Summer in New Delhi

With a range from 25 ° C to 45 ° C, New Delhi experiences the summer from April to July. The climate throughout the summer is still wet.

Tips: – Drink water to avoid dehydration. Wear light clothing with sunglasses and a hat.

Monsoon in New Delhi

In New Delhi, monsoon starts from July to mid-September. The temperature in monsoon varies from 30 ° C to 35 ° C. Monsoon showers have reduced the hot and humid weather of the city.

Tips: – Lightweight clothes are recommended for everyday wear.

Winter in New Delhi

Winter begins in New Delhi in December, experiencing extremely low temperatures. The season continues until January. The temperature varies from 22 ° c to 5 ° C during this period.

Tips: – Wool clothes are recommended in the winter.

6 things to note when first traveling to India

Legendary Ganges, eternal snow peaks, vibrant cities and pristine beaches make India one of the planet’s most fascinating destinations.

Has this country ever been included in your travel plans? If not then immediately put India on the list to come and do not forget to note the following for a perfect trip:

1. Lightweight luggage

India has several climatic regions but mostly tropical, hot and humid. Therefore, you should prefer clothes that are wide and airy, which can cover your limbs, which is especially useful for outdoor trips. Sunscreen and wide-brimmed hat should not be forgotten. Things like cosmetics and cigarettes can be considered contraband and you will spend a lot of time going through checkpoints.

Do not forget to leave as much room as possible in the suitcase because India has a lot of attractive things you bring from spices, textiles, clothing to handmade items…

2. Passport

Make sure all your passport issues are okay before coming to India: Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry if you don’t want to be deported. Always carry your passport wherever you go because most attractions in India require a passport.

3. Pollution and population explosion in big cities

If possible, stay away from Delhi between November and February because the fog density in this city is very high. In contrast to the big cities, high mountains like Hymalaya will give you a completely different atmosphere, a peaceful and seductive India.

4. Attractive food

It will be very difficult to enjoy the taste of true Indian food if you do not come to India. Did you eat curry? But the curry here is completely different. Each of the 29 states of India has different culinary flavors. North India favored the stew with lots of meat and South India favored the spicy dishes. You will never come across duplicates of recipes of the same dish. So, try to enjoy as much as possible because when you go home you will not have the opportunity anymore.

5. Don’t try to go to the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is located in a less vibrant but very crowded town. If you go to the Taj Mahal from Delhi on a day tour will be quite tired, otherwise, you should stop overnight in Agra and wait early the next morning to go to the Taj Mahal.

6. No need to visit every place

If this is your first visit to India, plan a reasonable plan. There is no need for all the famous landscapes of this country in a short time. This is a beautiful country, unlike anywhere else in the world. Therefore, take the time to fully enjoy the places you stop.

Top Winter Holiday Destinations In India (part 3)


If you are planning hassle free holidays destinations in Uttarakhand, enjoy mesmerizing views of beautiful hill station, lush green valleys, lakes, etc in Nainital, outstanding amongst the rest of the hill stations in Uttarakhand. Considered as the Lake District of India, Nainital is a wonderful place that is famous for its snow-covered peaks, magical lakes, tranquility and unrivaled bliss, not to mention ancient legends and the appeal of the British.

The picturesque beauty of Nainital urges tourists to visit it not only in winter but throughout the year. Remember to marvel at the mesmerizing views of lush green valleys surrounding this beautiful hill station and treat your taste buds to the wonderful local cuisines.

Hanuman Garhi, Naina Devi Temple, Naini Lake, Land’s End are some of the best places to visit in Nainital. Besides there are picture-perfect places like Naukuchiatal, Naina Peak, Tiffin Top, Snow View Point Bhimtal, and Sattal that ooze an ethereal charm.     


The Andaman Islands offer undulating mountains, warm sunshine, sun-kissed beaches, cerulean waters, and funny activities. Home to some of India’s most beautiful beaches and islands, the archipelago is one of the best tourism destinations to explore the underwater world. Meanwhile, the city of Port Blair is the gateway to the delightful life of the archipelago.

Visiting the popular Havelock Island, Ross Island, Viper Island, and Neil Island is one of the must-do things in Andaman. Havelock Island is a major tourist attraction of Andaman which lures a lot of nature lovers and honeymooners every year. The Beach 5, Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Neil’s Cove are a few gems in the treasure trove of Havelock

In addition, Andaman trip will not be complete without including a trip to Little Andaman Lighthouse, Cellular Jail National Memorial, and mud volcanoes of Baratang Elephant Beach.

Exploring the administrative headquarters for the British is also a major highlight of Andaman. Riding on a bicycle to soak in the charm of the islands will give you cherished memories.

India holds upcoming international cricket matches in empty stadiums due to the spread of coronavirus

In order to combat the spread of coronavirus, the Indian government has planned to hold upcoming international cricket matches in empty stadiums, as tourism operators and hotel managers warned of an unprecedented impact of a visa ban by the country’s government.

India has just confirmed 68 cases and no deaths. Therefore, the country has been relatively unscathed by the virus compared to some other countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. However, experts worry about its overstretched medical systems which might not be ready to handle a spike in infections.

On Wednesday, New Delhi said that it is going to cancel most visas issued for visit India until April 15. This is a far-reaching attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

One day later, the country’s sports secretary also said that it wanted the upcoming matches of the national cricket team to be played in empty stadiums.

The chief ministers of two states where India is going to play matches against South Africa this month have been advised to avoid crowd gathering, RS Jhulaniya told Reuters. So matches might continue without the spectator crowd.

Governing council chairman of the Indian Premier League, Brijesh Patel, the premier domestic cricket tournament of the country later this month, said the organization would meet on Saturday in order to debate all possibilities regarding the tournament, including visas issues for overseas players as well as the possibility of playing matches in empty stadiums.

Although tourist has already dipped sharply this year, the visa ban might take activity to an all-time low.

As one of the hottest travel destinations in the world, many people in India rely on tourism for employment. According to government data, around 10 million foreign tourists visit the country every year.

Since emerging in Wuhan, China last year, the coronavirus has infected more than 126,000 and killed more than 4,600 people globally, consistent with Reuters calculations.