Online Casinos: New Favourite Gamble of India

The digital gaming industry of India is experiencing enviable growth in recent years. The availability of cheaper data charges and the increased adoption of smartphones have significantly influenced the growth of the industry. Besides racing and arcade games, online casinos are making a foray into the Indian market, promoting the international games publishers to invest in the space.

Some international online casino players like LeoVegas’ award-winning live casinos that have gained maximum attention and appreciation in India. This multi-award winning online casino has been consistently recognized as one of the best ones. However, with the wide and confusing rating lists of online casinos, the best way to pick the best ones is to personally compare them.

The fast growth of social card games played for real money

There is fast growth in the number of mobile users who are playing online social card games such as poker and rummy for real money. In fact, some of them have become the top-grossing games. Because there are a small number of Indian gamers who want to pay for the games, the free-to-play (F2P) is the most favorite model. However, the number of users who download the game for free and then go for in-app purchases continues to increase. Moreover, game monetization has been possible through advertisements too.

The huge smartphone user base

The growing number of smartphone users has created a strong base for the mobile gaming sector to become the most favorite gaming platform. It is estimated to reach to 530 million smartphone users, who are constantly exploring entertainment options on their mobiles, in the current year. Many gaming companies are working on utilizing this trend to their benefit. Some of them have also co-operated with international game publishers. Online card games such as poker and rummy have been able to harness this opportunity successfully. With their mobile app version, they can offer the same experience, or sometimes even better than that of PC to their users.