Rajkot Culture

Culture and Religion
Rajkot is a vibrant city where you find people from different castes and religions. People in Rajkot are predominantly vegetarians and are vehemently against any form of hunting. This could be the main reason for the survival of rich fauna in this city.

One can find variety of costumes adorned by people of Rajkot. Most popular amongst women is Gujarati Saree followed by, Punjabi dresses. Girls are often seen in western wear like jeans, T-shirts, skirts and kurtis. Amongst men kurtas, pants, formal and semi formal shirts, T-shirts and jeans are favourite. The women of Rajkot are very fond of jewellery. Large chains, pendants and other heavy gold jewellery are a common sight during marriages and festivals. Men love to flaunt thick gold chains and numerous rings on their fingers.

Art & Architecture
Rajkot is a major regional center for arts, with many venues for Performing Arts in the city. Hemu Gadhvi Natyagraha, one of the first non-profit regional theaters, is rich with history and dedicated to the Gujarati Play.

Rajkot city is best known as a place that mixes tradition with modernity. This perfect blend is evident in its architecture, with number of historical monuments and structures along with modern day sophisticated and new construction. It is evident from this that 21st century has not left Rajkot trailing behind.

People of Rajkot are very warm, friendly and show good hospitality. They are fun loving and enjoy all seasons with great zeal. Night life in Rajkot is quite enjoyable and safe. People of Rajkot enjoy going for walk, watching cinema, theater or just hanging out with family and friends.  Besides enjoying good food people of Rajkot are fond of sports too, especially cricket. Rajkot has its own International cricket stadium popularly known as RMC where number of international matches having been played.

People of Rajkot have great taste for food. The most popular is definitely local flavour of Gujarati food that has varieties of curry, vegetables, rice, bread (‘chapatti’, ‘bhakri’, ‘puri’, ‘paratha’, ‘thepla’), sweet dishes and their very own favourite ‘farsan’ dish ‘khaman’ and ‘dhokla’. People are often seen enjoying ice-creams, golas and sugar-cane juice during summer nights. Rajkot has a number of big and small hotels, guest houses, restaurants, fast food outlets which takes good care of the tourist’s accomodation and food requirements.

Festivals & Color
All the festivals are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm starting with Makarshankranti in January till Christmas and New Year eve celebration in December. Rajkot is famous for its Lok Mela (Public Fair) which is held every year during Janmashtami festival. Rajkot is famous for its Lok Mela (Public Fair) which is held every year during Janmashtami festival. Some of the festivals that are celebrated extensively with lots of pomp and zeal are Makarshankranti, Holi (festivals of colors), Janmashtami, Rakshanbandhan, Diwali, Id, Christmas and New Year.