Rajkot Tourism overview

Rajkot is Saurashtra region’s former princely capital and now is an emerging business hub and tourism destination of India. Located on the banks of Nyari and Aji Rivers, Rajkot is the fourth largest city in Gujarat. Founded in 1612 as the Western India States Agency’s headquarters, Rajkot was the former administrative center of 400 princely states in Kutch, Saurashtra, and northern Gujarat. The city also makes tourists be attracted due to its proximity to Mahatma Gandhi’s life and best sightseeing tours for every history buffs.

Rajkot is named after its co-founder Raju Sandhi. The city was seized by an official ruler of the Junagadh region, Masum Khan, in the 1720 AD. During Masum Khan’s rule, Rajkot was fortified with a thick wall and eight gates, all of which were decorated with iron spikes. In 1807, Rajkot became a British province. Under British rule, Rajkot gained a development in the field of culture, art, and education. The city is the birthplace of the finest Indian intellectuals who led the country in the struggle for freedom.

You can find anything for people of the diverse age group in all places of Rajkot from gardens, parks to museums. The Kerba Gandhi no Delo, where Mahatma Gandhi lived for a few years, is a tourist attraction of Rajkot. Rajkot is also known as an educational tourism destination due to its ancient Rajkumar College, one of India’s best private college.

Moreover, Rajkot has many 19th century buildings which make it have a distinctly colonial flavor. The Watson Museum which was named after a British police agent has a collection of tribal artifacts, archaeological finds, and portraits from Harappan sites as well as a large statue of Queen Victoria. Besides, Rashtriya Shala, Shri Swami Narayan Temple, Shri Sai Baba Temple, Lady Wilson Museum, The Rotary Dolls Museum, and Radha Krishna Temple are the other tourist attractions of Rajkot.

After its establishment for so many years ago, Rajkot still holds its old charm. Besides its tourist attraction, Rajkot is also famous for its traditional cuisines and various textile industries, so visitors should take back home its traditional hand embroidered clothes.

Today, Rajkot is the pride of Gujarat’s emerging cities. Visit Rajkot to witness the most vibrant metropolis of Gujarat, with a mixture of modern and traditional India.