Top 5 reasons that you should come to India once in your life

The country of India possesses many unique and impressive features from landscape to culture. If you do not visit once in your life, you may regret it.

1. Country of colors

India is a country with great wisdom, incredible history, many monuments of ancient cities and beautiful nature. This country has brought to the world a great civilization, numbers, chess, Ayurveda, and badminton.

India is a multinational country where 400 peoples coexist. Half of the population are men and women before the age of 25 and two-thirds are young people before the age of 35. The country’s constitution states that there are 21 official languages ​​and 1,600 local languages.

Women wear xari while men wear familiar jeans and T-shirts. The old man wears a lungi – a cloth wrapped around him. The local people are very kind, open, generous and love tourists.

2. monumental ancient relic

As one of the 4 ancient civilizations, India owns many unique ancient architectural works. From the relics of 2,000 years ago to the palaces of the Al Islam era, the buildings built during colonial rule … all are extremely delicate and impressive.

You can go to admire the beautiful Taj Mahal, the ancient synagogue and Masjid pagoda, the amber room inside the luxurious Agra Fortress, the vast and vast Humayun and Akbar tombs … Sure, after leaving you will be nostalgic about these places.

3. Enthusiastic, open-minded people

The Indians are extremely enthusiastic and hospitable. They are willing to take the time to talk and help if you get lost or wonder about their city or country. The Indian catchphrase when meeting tourists is “Hey my friend, what do you want? I have everything! ”

Surely your journey to discover India will become much more interesting and attractive if you meet a kind native person sharing and chatting about what they know.

4. The holy place for spiritual cleansing

India is one of the oldest countries in the world, home to Buddhism and famous Hinduism. That is why religious beliefs have been instilled and become a way of life of the Indians. Varanasi – one of the oldest cities of the confluence of Saint Ganges, Yamuna and the legendary Saraswati River – is considered a mecca of Indians, millions of tourists come here every year to make pilgrimages with wishing to be able to transcend their mortal body towards the good, goodness of human beings. Bodh Gaya, Ba La Nai, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Auroville and Dharamshala … are famous sacred temples in India.

5. Unique Cuisine

India is famous for its re-spices, which are considered the souls of dishes. The culinary art of India is the perfect combination of different spices to create delicate dishes such as Biriyani mixed rice, Dosa rice paper roll, Ikan merah fish head curry, … I bet You will be overwhelmed by the fertility of this land with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Every time you come to a village or city, you will enjoy a special specialty that is unmistakable.