Top Winter Holiday Destinations In India (part 1)

Winter is the perfect time for sightseeing tours and adventure activities. Start to make your winter holidays a pleasant retreat with the simplest places to visit in winter in India. The fact shows that winter, the months from October to February, are the time when tourism in India reaches its crescendo. Here are the top winter holiday destinations in India.


Rajasthan is not only a state but also the pride of its bygone rulers as well as the joy within the voice of individuals saying ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’. Rajasthan is a vast land dotted with the glistening lakes, unexplored Havelis, ancient forts, and the massive Thar Desert. You can choose Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore, or other famous cities of the country to explore the opulent hospitality and graciousness of Rajasthan.


Just cherish memorable holidays in Goa amidst the white sands, sparkling waters, and swaying palms. Enjoy the colorful nightlife, savor delicious cuisines, and just abandoning of yourself with the characteristic vibe. Practice yoga or rejuvenate yourself with therapeutic spa sessions at one of the luxury hotels in Goa.

Goa also has been one of the most famous places to travel for honeymoon in India. This state can help you have great lifetime memories by cherishing unmatched experiences such as strolling on the soft sand while holding each other’s hand or marveling at the spectacular sunset views and transforming your evening into a magical affair.

In Goa, you can have the chance to experience the enjoyment of a lush countryside ambiance and the sweetness of sparkling beaches. With the best beach destinations in India, the ‘Party Capital’ lures travelers from every nook and corner. The perfect time to go to Goa is from October to March. However, you should also plan North and South Goa tour in December and February to be able to participate in various festivals. The unique culture and lifestyle of Goa will urge you to plan a visit again and again.